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    Our Group AntiLockDown.org is a great, free resource for people who wish to resist or at-least support people resisting the ridiculous lockdown measures. Please visit us at https://AntiLockDown.org We have just created a brilliant poster which you can download and print off at the click of a button. https://antilockdown.org/stickers-and-posters-spread-the-word/ Don't be unpopular with your customers as many idiots are. I get fed up with jobsworths, enforcing over the top rules, fora a virus which has been proven by the CDC to be less dangerous than the Flu! The fact is you have no legal obligation to question your customers and our poster helps spread that message. Again, visit https://antilockdown.org/stickers-and-posters-spread-the-word/ where you can download our poster with one click. Also if you would like to send us a design of your own, send it my way. With enough people making a stand; we can stop this nonsense once and for all. https://antilockdown.org

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    How many of you out there believe in the lockdown? https://antilockdown.org/still-think-everythings-ok-hope-youre-looking-forward-to-food-shortages/ An addition to my website shows you how the next problem will be FOOD SHORTAGES. Don't think this is only going to effect 3rd World Countries. 80% of Our Goods are Imported and even though this is the thin side of the wedge, prices are going up already. We cover this on Our Blog and show a clip brought to us by the Ice Age Farmer. Links to this can be found on our blog. If you think this information is suited to the preppers and they are stupid "conspiracy theorists", did they look stupid when people were fighting over toilet paper a few months ago? Our supermarkets have only a few days worth of inventory and if people panic buy for food, supermarkets can be stripped of their food in a matter of minutes. This can all be resolved by people resisting the lockdowns and on our website https://AntiLockDown.org we detail how. As for the lockdowns and restrictions.... Are you still enjoying it? Perhaps, just another six months of keeping your business closed? If you think the government will look after you? Great, tell me to bugger off, enjoy your communism, and I won't reach out to you again. If you are fed up, don't despair. There are hundreds of thousands supporting the Anti-LockDown movement and don't think that is not effective for a second. We outnumber the police and all the other "authority" figures many times over. If enough people make a stand and refuse this BS, we will win! Please check out my latest post; we outline several events that you can support, different ways you can help, including petitions and information you can share. https://antilockdown.org/happy-6-month-anniversary-to-the-14-days-to-flatten-the-curve/ Think about it, if you are a business owner share this with your staff. If you own a restaurant or a store, and have loyal customers, share this with them. Don't be scared of speaking your truth. The CDC and World Health Organisation have already confirmed the COVID19 is no more dangerous than seasonal flu. So should we all stay indoors and shut down our businesses? Do you think ALL people who disagree with this are conspiracy theorists? Or is the government, media, big-pharma and the tech giants not letting a crisis go to waste? You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that is it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before." Rahm Emanuel, ex-Chief of Staff to President Barack Obama Again, I can't emphasise enough, a lot of progress is being made, but it is not enough!

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    Dear Sirs I have recently created a website https://AntiLockDown.org, and after seeing the way, the Anti-Lockdown Demonstrators have been treated I decided to put my marketing skills to use. I am reaching out to hundreds of thousands of businesses per day, in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia. Restaurant owners, Pubs, Cafes, Bricklayers, General Builders, Gym Owners, Pub Landlords etc. I am not usually into protests and activism, I usually keep myself to myself. However, if nothing is done, we can lose our businesses and our independence. If we are to be made to live off handouts and sit at home for much longer we will be living in a place which will resemble East Germany prior to the wall coming down. Why do you think people in Germany and the former Soviet Union countries are resisting the lockdowns so much? They've seen this shit before! I have created a website which will help coordinate people all over the world in their local areas whose presence will make the government and the police aware that the majority of people do not want to lose their business over a so-called virus which has a 99.999% survival rate. Don't forget; this was only supposed to be for 14 days. Now we are facing a second lockdown! Please check out my website, where you can subscribe anonymously and be updated on upcoming events and demonstrations which you can support. With my skills, I can reach out to about 100 thousand people like you every day. Your support will be much appreciated. These are unpleasant times; however, with the right attitude, if we can stand up to this; not only can we resist this BS, we will be more prosperous than ever. Please check out my website and share amongst friends, colleagues, family and employees! There are share buttons on our website. Kindest Regards Anti Lock Down

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    Dear Sirs I have recently created a website https://AntiLockDown.org, and after seeing the way, the Anti-Lockdown Demonstrators have been treated I decided to put my marketing skills to use. I am reaching out to hundreds of thousands of businesses per day, in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia. Restaurant owners, Pubs, Cafes, Bricklayers, General Builders, Gym Owners, Pub Landlords etc. I am not usually into protests and activism, I usually keep myself to myself. However, if nothing is done, we can lose our businesses and our independence. If we are to be made to live off handouts and sit at home for much longer we will be living in a place which will resemble East Germany prior to the wall coming down. Why do you think people in Germany and the former Soviet Union countries are resisting the lockdowns so much? They've seen this shit before! I have created a website which will help coordinate people all over the world in their local areas whose presence will make the government and the police aware that the majority of people do not want to lose their business over a so-called virus which has a 99.999% survival rate. Don't forget; this was only supposed to be for 14 days. Now we are facing a second lockdown! Please check out my website, where you can subscribe anonymously and be updated on upcoming events and demonstrations which you can support. With my skills, I can reach out to about 100 thousand people like you every day. Your support will be much appreciated. These are unpleasant times; however, with the right attitude, if we can stand up to this; not only can we resist this BS, we will be more prosperous than ever. Please check out my website and share amongst friends, colleagues, family and employees! There are share buttons on our website. Kindest Regards Anti Lock Down

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    Dear Sirs I have recently created a website https://AntiLockDown.org, and after seeing the way, the Anti-Lockdown Demonstrators have treated I decided to put my marketing skills to use. I have reached out to about half of the Scaffolding businesses in the UK today. (About 5,00) Tomorrow I will reach out to Bricklayers, Then General Builders, Gym Owners, Pub Landlords etc. I have created a website which will help coordinate people all over the UK whose presence will make the government and the police aware that the majority of people do now want to lose their business over a so-called virus which has a 99.999% survival rate. Don't forget; this was only supposed to be for 14 days. Now we are facing a second lockdown! Please check out my website, where you can subscribe anonymously and be updated on upcoming events and demonstrations which you can support. With my skills, I can reach out to about 100 thousand people like you every day. Within the next few weeks, I will be doing the same in the USA, Canada and all over Europe. Your support will be much appreciated. These are unpleasant times; however, with the right attitude, if we can stand up to this; not only can we resist this BS, we will be more prosperous than ever. Please check out my website and share amongst friends, colleagues, family and employees! There are share buttons on our website. Kindest Regards Anti Lock Down

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    Dear Sirs I have recently created a website https://AntiLockDown.org, and after seeing the way, the Anti-Lockdown Demonstrators have treated I decided to put my marketing skills to use. I have reached out to about half of the Scaffolding businesses in the UK today. (About 5,00) Tomorrow I will reach out to Bricklayers, Then General Builders, Gym Owners, Pub Landlords etc. I have created a website which will help coordinate people all over the UK whose presence will make the government and the police aware that the majority of people do now want to lose their business over a so-called virus which has a 99.999% survival rate. Don't forget; this was only supposed to be for 14 days. Now we are facing a second lockdown! Please check out my website, where you can subscribe anonymously and be updated on upcoming events and demonstrations which you can support. With my skills, I can reach out to about 100 thousand people like you every day. Within the next few weeks, I will be doing the same in the USA, Canada and all over Europe. Your support will be much appreciated. These are unpleasant times; however, with the right attitude, if we can stand up to this; not only can we resist this BS, we will be more prosperous than ever. Please check out my website and share amongst friends, colleagues, family and employees! There are share buttons on our website. Kindest Regards Anti Lock Down

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    Dear Sirs I have recently created a website https://AntiLockDown.org, and after seeing the way, the Anti-Lockdown Demonstrators have treated I decided to put my marketing skills to use. I have reached out to about half of the Scaffolding businesses in the UK today. (About 5,00) Tomorrow I will reach out to Bricklayers, Then General Builders, Gym Owners, Pub Landlords etc. I have created a website which will help coordinate people all over the UK whose presence will make the government and the police aware that the majority of people do now want to lose their business over a so-called virus which has a 99.999% survival rate. Don't forget; this was only supposed to be for 14 days. Now we are facing a second lockdown! Please check out my website, where you can subscribe anonymously and be updated on upcoming events and demonstrations which you can support. With my skills, I can reach out to about 100 thousand people like you every day. Within the next few weeks, I will be doing the same in the USA, Canada and all over Europe. Your support will be much appreciated. These are unpleasant times; however, with the right attitude, if we can stand up to this; not only can we resist this BS, we will be more prosperous than ever. Please check out my website and share amongst friends, colleagues, family and employees! There are share buttons on our website. Kindest Regards Anti Lock Down

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